Sunday, February 19, 2017

Journey to a Healthy Us-Daybreak

Hello World,

Let me introduce my family and our overall health.  We have decided to drastically change the way we eat in order to address some oncoming and varying health concerns for all of us.  We are taking all processed foods out of our diet, as well as any artificial colors, preservatives, antibiotics, etc... as best as we can possibly manage.  This will start tomorrow.  Today, we are planning meals, buying groceries, and prepping our mind so that we can remain strong.  I anticipate some push back from "The Family Rock" and both kids.  However, I know that God will give me strength to hold up our entire family in order to create a healthier us!

The Family Rock:  
Specs: 35 years old, Average Weight, Average Height, SUPER HANDSOME and Well-dressed!

Eating Habits: Likes Red Meet and Potatoes (Loaded with butter and cheese), Blue Bell IceCream, and Redbulls!  Does not like vegetables, anything proposing to be healthy, or anything baked.  He is not an overeater, does not live to eat, and does not eat unless he really likes what is served (even if he is hungry)

Overall Health:  Works swing shifts, so not super active (except when he is fishing!).  Not overweight.  High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure fluctuates above acceptable levels, Sugar levels have not been tested, but he gets the shakes when he has skipped a meal.  Has struggled with Anxiety and Depression although is not currently on any medication for it and is managing the ups and down well as they come.

Family History:  Diabetes, Heart Disease, Dyslexia, ADD, Anxiety, Depression

The Matriarch:
Specs: 36 years old, Overweight, Average Height, a busy career woman/mom

Eating Habits: Likes lean meats and vegetables!  However, if it is served, it will be consumed.  Not picky.  Taught to clean her plate.  Overeats and will eat even when not hungry.  Stress eats often.

Overall Health:  Weight has always fluctuated and since having kids, has steadily risen.  She is obese (according to the charts), but because she eats rather healthy foods, her cholesterol and blood pressure always come back excellent.  However, recently the doctor told her that her sugar levels are on the high end of normal and that she might be diabetic! She also has dyslexic and ADD tendencies, which at times seem to cloud her thought processes.

Family History: Diabetes, Cancer, Celiac Disease, Dyslexia, ADD, Alcohalism

The Crafty Crafter: 
Specs:  8 years old girl, average weight, average height, a smart/studious girl who tends to put a too much pressure on herself to be the best!  Super sweet, smart, and artistic!

Eating Habits:  Likes all things (Healthy and not), tends to really enjoy food, finish her plate and ask for seconds,  and has to be reminded to eat only when hungry and not eat too many unhealthy snacks.  Has always been super skinny, but is now growing into a healthy body (not overweight, just healthy).
Overall Health:  Complains of stomach pains at times after meals.  Otherwise, a very healthy girl!

The Comedian:
Specs: 7 year old boy, average weight, average height, a smart boy who tend to be silly rather than focused on school or competing to be the best.  Super kind, a protector of all, and so CREATIVE!

Eating Habits:  Tends not to like healthy foods (like his daddy), although we have our go to vegetables that he loves (pees, carrots, broccoli, etc), doesn't eat when he is not hungry and doesn't typically finish his plate.  Has always been a chubby toddler, but now is quite slim.

Overall Health: Has dyslexia and ADD, we have removed food dyes from his diet, but still seems to have difficulty focusing, tracking thoughts, and remembering details.  Otherwise, a very healthy boy!

I'd like to look back at this post and  track our progress, both good and bad, throughout this process.  Join with me on  our journey!!

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