Monday, January 25, 2010

Focus on the Lovely

I have the best
And I have the worst...but not really

A 2 story brick house
in a quiet neighborhood
on a lush corner lot
where lifes is always so good.

The carpet's all stained with wear and with tear
and the laundry's in piles from here and to there
The mortgage; it's behind
and my kids; there a mess
where life is too full with worry and stress

My kids, well, they really are perfect, so handsom, so pritty
A strong strapping young boy
and a girl dainty and prissy.
Each day brings laughter and joy runs a new
In the life that I live so perfect and true

Then again,
well there are days when I feel so alone
Nobody on Earth is here for me now
Nobody know that I lay and I cry
Nobody helps and nobody tries

Oh but,
My husband he's there
to hold me at night
He works really hard
and provides for us right.
He thinks I'm so pritty
When I've gained nearly 10 pounds
and he begs me fo just one night on the town.

Well there's no money to go anywhere don't you see
And our kids are at home waiting for me.
Dinner, baths and a story, then I kiss them good night,
I'm too tired to go.
and to leave them again, well it just doesn't feel right
In this life where Im spread on thin with a knife.

I scream to myself

I wake from my daze

there are so many who see

so many who love

so many who wrap me warm with a hug.

I'm blessed, I'm protected, I'm loved
through and through
and if I give it some time
The Lord always will wash me anew

I can look for the bad, for the harsh, and the tired
Or I can choose to see truth
and thank God for my fire.

Learning to Persevere

I see my mom work so hard;
I see my daddy too.

It must feel so good to work and strive,
They smile every day.

Days seem so hard,
To them it’s not.

If they can do it
I, for sure, can too!