Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Daughter Arise

Daughter arise to your perfect fate!
Your eyes are deep with wisdom,
Your smile, soft and sweet.
You bring only peace and love,
to those who seek your face

You have known what is right and wrong,
from the earliest of years.
and always strived to do your best
...to conquer all your fears.

The purpose in your life,
hangs heavy with ripe fruit.
Do not let the rains destroy,
All God has in store for you.

There will be troubles,
and terrible strive.
Tears will fall,
Many times in life.

Keep your eyes focused on heaven,
And on your knees worn from prayer.
Always give to Him your worries, and
God will surly meet you there.

and know...Mommy will always smile,
and feel incredible joy at the sound of your voice
and the mention of your name.