Monday, April 22, 2013

An Angel in the Darkness

The crushing blow,
Of misplaced anger.
The bite.
The hiss.
The cowering child.
Without a voice.

The angle standing over.
Crying for the child.
Crying for the anger.
Pouring in thoughts of hope.
A cleansing touch.
A sweet voice in the darkness.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Old Wise Oak Tree

Tree of life,
Rooted upon this hill.
How many have sought rest,
Under your long stretched arms?
How many have climbed high,
To peer at the horizon?
Or watch the sunrise, golden-warm,
While strengthened by your refuge?
How far reaching go your roots?
To what depth do they search?
Years pass,
Seemingly peaceful, constant...
Wild storms rage round,
And rivers burst over banks.
Old dead branches twist and rip away.
You bend...almost break.
Trees around you up root,
And are washed away,
But you have deep roots.
They hold on, even when the storm takes over.
Long, deadly, trying times,
But you remain.
You grow.
You tower on.
I lay still and peer up through winding branches,
Leaves blowing gently,
And rays of sunlight shifting.
I marvel.
At God's cleansing breath,
From his tree of life.

By: Amanda Mae Ruiz
Stillwaters Ranch

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Numb to the pain in her eyes
Deaf to the shadows in her soul

She believes only lies
She fights, claws, scratches to the surface
Where she thinks repect awaits

She gives to them freely
While taking from her own

We see, but speak not
Its her one to blame

Turn your eyes,
Just pass by

Then cry, blind eyes, when it becomes your shame.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sparkle in the Sun

I feel the sun on my face,
It warms my soul.
I glare into the horizon,
Hand shielding my eyes.
A cloudless moment of clear blue bliss.
Without rain...
Without storm....
Without heavey fog obscuring my view...
Without the dark... 
I could not truly take joy in the warmth of light!