Monday, June 18, 2012

Purpose Through the Tears

Purpose Through the Tears
(read "Unknown" below then read this)

This is the night
For this I breathe
The song in my soul returnith
The drum beats wildly as the unceasing cadence pushes me on

A kick of my heels and the wind is my friend
My crouched body moves in rhythm
My wild hair slips from behind its’ cover and whips freely behind me
My eyes pierced on the lights in the distance

My mind drifts to the journey behind me
The lonely tears that fell in the night
The slip of my foot and my trembling grasp on the Cliffside
Trudging, crawly, dragging slowly through the marsh

Always hoping the next hill would bring me to this place
Only to find mountain after mountain in the horizon
Only to find a new challenge to overcome
Only to hear… more silence…

Is this truly the end?
Or will there be another battle to fight
Another trial to keep me away
Away from my destination

So close …
I can feel it,
Almost see it,
Almost believe it

Oh Lord, let this be the night I rest
On a soft bed of white linens
And sleep in the safety
Of your warm love

Let me wake in the morning and BE
Everything this journey has made me into
Everything your hands have molded me for
Let my hands be shaped to do your will

I am ready…..
I am ready now…..

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