Friday, June 15, 2012

The Unknown

The Unknown
By :  Amanda Ruiz

What makes a heart cease from its constant yearning?
What calms the weary rider?
How vast are the fields,
Laden with miles of hardened earth?
Which road leads me back home to you?

My steed grows restless in the thorn filled paths
He rears back his head as if to say no more
My body falls limp upon his back
As I succumb to the journey

Oh the longing of my soul,
To taste of it once more
To breathe it in
To lay back in the tenderness
Draw my eyes closed,
…and rest

I feel the rhythm of his stride
As he wisps me away once more
Sensing my will defeated
His strength will now endure

I throw my lifeless arms
About his long, strong neck
And thank my good old friend
For his faithfulness …to the end

When the trail seems most dark
And he can carry me no more
He rests upon the grass
…I breathe in and out with him

Perhaps I won’t reach my destination
Perhaps my dreams of light and love
Are a down a damp and dusty road
And long since drawn away

I burry my head and smile
I have a friend to keep me warm this night
And in the morning I WILL RISE!!
To follow you once more

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