Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Down a long forgotten road

Down a hazy field
of dew covered grass
there sits a little white house
through a lonely old pass

It's windows closed
to keep out the night
The woods creeping up
around it so tight

With creaky floors
and musty smells
Abandoned pictures
hang on dusty walls

What once was filled
with love and light
Is now dark and cold
throughout the night

But a wisp of time
has wiped all away
the warm glowing hearth
has faded to grey

The tattered old house
seemingly yearning for more
perhaps to shelter an old friend
Through it's weathered, worn door

But as weeks pass into years
and the garden runs stray
Those who once lived and loved
Have all blown away

Until a time-withered  traveler
All reminisce
Treads up the long path
To a place dearly missed

The memories await
where dreams were formed
down that long forgotten road
where her soul was reborn

She gapes in disbelief
as the house comes to sight
her safe sanctuary dissolving
into the night

Her mind retraces
Her grandmother there
sitting on the porch
to greet her with care

Hobbling up to the swing
That creaks with the breeze
Suddenly her cousins surround her
swinging with ease

Her worn little hands
Push the old heavy door
and heavenly smells
waft to her once more

Apple pie on the windowsill
The freshly washed clothes
The kids in the meadow
and biscuits baked in the stove

Her fingers drift along
The dusty bookshelf
As her eyes draw tight
She remembers herself

A young little girl
All timid and meek
A kiss from her Granny
adoring her cheek

A handsome boy at the door
with a blackberry can
Waiting just for her
To give him a hand

A light returns
to her pale blue eyes
The memories so close
she wells up inside

This house may be old
and tattered and worn
But the love in this place
Continues form

Around all those that lived
and pass on the love
and sing the same songs
and send prayers up above

The light that once shown
Through the windows with care
shines still in the hearts
Of those who have slept here

Time passes quickly
And possessions do fade
But Faith, Hope, and Love
Never will wain

By:  Amanda Mae Ruiz

-In dedication to my favorite place in the world
And my Granny who's memory will never fade.


  1. Amanda, You have been blessed in so many ways. With family, memories and most of all your writting, along side being a wonderful teacher. I will miss you this year.


    1. Thanks so much Pattie! I am blessed through and through and you are one of those blessings. Thank you for your kind words. They are deeply valued.

  2. You are amazing Mandi, beautiful poems, you have been blessed with this qualities, congratulations!!
    Love and blessings,
    Irma and Guillermo

  3. Thank you so much for reading my poem and leaving such a sweet comment!