Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Frolicking Sea Answers

The wind whispers to the sea
Whispers come and play with me
As they joyfully frolic, dip, and dive
The sun peaks amber in the sky
The two old friends think the fun is done
When angry clouds roll in as one
They bring the pouring rain in sheets
Banging, flashing, menacing beats
Of thunder wailing, lightening crashing
The wind whips round with waves a smashing
The sea now peeks, bursts, and sputters
Old friend wind wildly, wistfully mutters
Tis the day for fun and fancy free
We two can dance and just let be
Bursts of waves and foaming brine
Mingle till rays of sun do shine
Then rumbling clouds push on past
And the wind slows down its midday blast
Oh what fun we've had today
The smoldering sea screams, "Please don't stray"
Oh, Ill be back my good old friend
To dip and dive with you again
He has asked me to calm down
In the breeze I hear his sound
The clouds push past to meet His will
And we shall too for His plan's fulfilled
We give Him glory on this day
So sailors can thank him; we obey
The waves calmly dissipate
For His voice they always do await
Then amber beams shine in full force
And dolphins jump to retrace their course
A humbled sea watches in silent adoration
As the Most High proves his kingly station
A kind, soft smile and grateful glance is all 
twas needed to answer His great call
The sea sinks softly in wistful bliss
The sun greats him with it's warm sweet kiss
A bright and sparkling day ensues
With a sheet of glass that's clear and blue
For your will the storm around me calms
For your will the earth does sings your songs!

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