Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Death and Life of TRUE LOVE in America

There is an epidemic,
Growing deep in our souls.
Devastation has been implanted,
In generations long since foretold.

We seem not to know the cure,
Though one readily exists.
And now time is growing colder,
As we sink further in the mist...

There are still a faithful few,
Who know the path to light,
And these steady souls are eager,
to stand up, pray, and fight!

But the masses run away
Saying, "We're much to smart for this!"
Passion is their guide,
And hopes float on a wish.

This passion is a flame,
That quickly bursts to light.
Yet, when tormenting storms rain down,
Embers fade into the night.

The lights are growing dim,
blackouts down every street.
The quick pulse of flames dispersing,
beating in the rhythm of defeat.

Yet, where there's hope and courage,
and people left to fight,
warmth and love will draw them,
like a pillar in the night!

(I dedicate this to those fighting for love and marriage that is true, not a wisp of emotion, but that is long-lasting, forever, through the trials in life, scarred and imperfect, but beautiful!)

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