Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Vision


Alone in the woods,
along a dark musty path,
a broken, sore girl,
places on armor that lasts.

Each day is a battle,
of foes unexpected, unseen...
and her daily time with God,
brings the comfort she needs.

The Vision:

The warrior, she rose,
on the damp misty day,
laced up her boots,
and knelt down to pray.

What carried her on,
was an unspoken hope,
a wisp of a wish...
born on a path long ago.

This hope nearly lost,
as the trials combined.
The people fought back,
and support vastly declined.

Alone now, unsure...
Just begging to flee,
drawn on by this hope,
that's drowning, unseen.

Deep in her plea for direction,
she dreamt of a distant, a blur...
Instantly, she jumped on her saddle,
and road, till fighting and death consumed her.

Shields clashed.
Bodies dismembered.
Armies stood.
A day to remember.

A glowing light,
shined brightly through the mass,
a sword driven on,
A most kingly drawn path.

Standing up for the good,
the pure and the lovely.
Unseen angels surround,
and heavenly hosts summoned down.

From the ground she's surrounded.
She saw no way ahead.
But the devil, he's scared,
and whispers..."Death, fear, and dread!"

They proped up her shield,
and carried her sword,
her will may have faltered...
But He is The Lord!!

A thunder crash,
brought an almighty storm.
Beasts flee from the field,
in a hazardous swarm.

Truth was won,
on the fateful, dark day.
And an awestruck warrior,
stopped to give Him praise

The vision now passed,
the girl rose on up,
renewed in her spirit,
for Christ was enough!

He gave her a message,
to carry her through.
The hope that was lost,
has now been renewed.

She doesn't know where,
or how...even why!
but she knows He is there,
and the Son is her guide.

The battle she's on,
has already been won,
written in history,
from the day it begun.


  1. Beautiful Mandy!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Wow wow wow! Thank you Mandy. Spoke to my soul for sure ❤️ I love you!!!