Monday, May 6, 2013

Every Moment

Peering past the blooming windowsill,
To the parking lot below.
Flowing streams of passersby’s
They do not pause, nor do they know.

Wondering how their day unfolds,
What mission brings them here?
What life do they go home to...
Are their loved ones held so dear?

The minutes tick on by,
As halfhearted smiles fill the room.
I glass over, withdraw to thoughts,
Sweet memories consume.

My first job…
A teacher in a kid filled room.
Twas all I ever dreamed.
Oh, but then...
My wedding day,
With the most handsomest of grooms!

The birth of my daughter,
Sweet and new,
Husband cuddles me in bed.
And then my son,
With his brilliant smile,
...or little family is now set.

A strong hand grasped hold of mine,
Pulls me back to this drab room.
Clear blue eyes sparkling back at me,
I feel my love consumed.

"Mom, I'm here..
I love you so."
How did he grow so strong?
This cannot be,
the same spry boy,
That once giggled all day long.

Coffee skin, in a white linen dress.
Leans over my cold bed..
Her sweet smile calms my soul.
Then she whispers, “go on, rest your head."

They cuddle in around me,
I feel their warmth and sweet embrace
Their father's near me now
I reach up and touch his kind face.

This moment came too soon.
I want to finish out this great race!
But He is calling me to come home,
...I can almost see his face.

"Sing to me, my precious ones"
I muster soft and week.
Amazing Grace carries me…
As I drift off, at last, to sleep.

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