Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Feet upon the Rock!

There once was dark and shadows,
Inside her lonely soul.
Where love and light strived to surface,
The night drew them down below.

She pasted a warm, sweet smile,
upon her drawn down face.
And greated those around her,
With an abundance of love and grace.

Her hope was for the future,
A much brighter one than this.
She dreamt of it almost daily,
And prayed for just this wish.

To be someone filled with love,
For light to shine clear through.
To warm the heart of others,
And to give darkness to its due.

Each moment was a battle,
While running life's great race.
When she paused too long to dwell...
Darkness would snarl back into place.

So, she focused up above,
Not on the world around.
On the triumphs that did abound,
Not on the world that pulled her down.

Certain paths were filled with thorns,
and covered thick in smog.
She couldn't see far beyond,
But still further on she sought.

To go back was not an option,
To forge ahead is all she could do.
The unknown wasn't as scary,
As remaining in this same view.

Over dense pathways of despare...
Under blazing dessert droughts...
Through lonely trecks in solitude...
Until the river led her safely out. 

She grasped the sandy shore,
Green eyes blinking past the tears.
Crawling up to great lush land,
And collapsing from all the years.

The sun gently swept her cheek,
She felt her strength inside renewed.
The meadow held a sweet embrace,
With the promised land in view.

Without even looking back,
She rises to meet the dawn.
Her hope for the future in clear sight.
The promise of a new song!

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